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    Online Store - No option for Local Option Sales Tax for County / Region

    When setting up sales tax through the GoCentral Website Builder / Store, I can setup State Sales Tax, but there is no option to set Local Option Sales Tax for delivery within a specific County or Region.  In Iowa, our Sales Tax is 6%, but in the County where I reside and have my webstore, we also have a 1% local Option Sales tax and it is imposed on any products that are sold and delivered (or taken possession of) just within our County.  I need to be able to establish a 6% Sales tax on any products purchased and shipped in the state of Iowa but outside my county, and setup a 7% sales tax (6% State Sales Tax + 1% Local Option Sales Tax) on any products sold and delivered within my county.  It doesn't let me select a specific region in the state that I have been able to find.  Any suggestions or fix for this?




    Thanks for your patience.  We are aware of challenges around collecting and remitting accurate sales tax, given sales tax regulation on eCommerce is evolving. We are looking at possible solutions to let you collect accurate sales tax and be compliant with regulations. We don't have an ETA to share at this point, but please know that Sales Tax is priority for this year.


    Stay tuned,

    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, GoCentrl Online Stores

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    GoCentral is very basic and doesn't provide tax formulas down to the county level.    If you want to be able to have alternative tax formulas like you describe you may want to look at WordPress with WooCommerce.


    With Woo you will have the ability to create a County tax and list all the cities or zip codes within that it would apply based on ship to addresses.


    If you stay with GoCentral your choice is to reflect that 1% across the board or absorb it yourself.


    Dontcha just love how .gov can complicate doing business?


    HTH! 😉

    "Success is the sum of details." ~ Harvey S. Firestone

    For as much as I pay annually for GoDaddy Service, they should be able to incorporate a secondary tax breakdown based on delivery location (down to the county level)...considering tax is not necessarily based just on a state by state basis.  Not sure the legality of charging the additional 1% straight across the board, though I have selected to have my prices already include tax so everyone actually pays the exact same amount and taxes are backed off the total amount for those delivered in Iowa, so it would actually just mean that I have to calculate the 1% for those delivered outside of my county and add that to my gross sales when reporting Sales Tax to the State.  Frustrating that it has to be this difficult, but yes...government has its ways of doing that...(Speaking as a governmental employee 🙂 )


    Thanks for the feedback.  Still would like to see GoDaddy add the option to break the tax down by specific delivery location (on a County and / or City level) so it makes it more simple in reporting taxes.



    Go Daddy"s Premium Quick Shopping Cart (no longer available - replaced by Online Store) did have the ability to drill down to the county level.  I reside in Florida and have tax rates from 6% to 8%.  I tried to upgrade to the online store but never did because of this flaw.  Quick Shopping Cart is way more expensive, but worth it.  I hate to say it, but if Go Daddy doesn't fix this and stops offering the Quick Shopping Cart for me to renew, my store and websites will be finding a new home.

    I've been asking for tax rate to be zip code based for years....



    Apologize for the inconvenience.  We understand the challenges with collecting right sales tax on your online store and it gets even more complicated as tax entities are changing the rates.  We are looking at possible solutions to help you collect proper sales tax based on Zip codes, product tax categories etc. and keep up with every changing tax rates.  We don't have an ETA to share, right now. But, this is on top of our list to go. 



    Mohan Kumaresh

    Product Manager, Online Stores

    Thank you I did get it figured out to put the sales tax category on my invoices at an average percentage for Minnesota I just have to deal with the rest of it there’s not that much different in different counties in the state of Minnesota and cities. It’s really kind of inconvenient but will collect we can eat the rest thank you



    Thanks for your patience.  We are aware of challenges around collecting and remitting accurate sales tax, given sales tax regulation on eCommerce is evolving. We are looking at possible solutions to let you collect accurate sales tax and be compliant with regulations. We don't have an ETA to share at this point, but please know that Sales Tax is priority for this year.


    Stay tuned,

    Mohan Kumaresh, 

    Product Manager, GoCentrl Online Stores

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    Thanks for responding to the sales tax requests. I'm shipping to more and more states, but even in my own state, I'm losing money on sales taxes. If it's not fixed quite soon, I'll be moving my business elsewhere. This can't keep up.

    Rachel Fletcher

    So glad you are working on the tax section of the shopping cart!!  I used to use your old economy shopping cart and it had the tax section done correctly.  I had to manually put in all of the zipcode tax codes for California, but I was happy to do that because it is the correct way for taxes to be legal.  Please hurry on resolving this problem.  It is causing all the people that want to do their taxes correctly a lot of stress.


    This is very frustrating.  I just setup my online store.  Go Daddy's suggestion was to build the website myself or pay them to build it and use the Woo Add In.  Go Daddy should have included this in the shopping cart.  

    Getting Started

    GO Daddy I have been requesting this for years also.  When can we expect to see this implemented?

    Getting Started

    As this is my first online store / shopping cart, I am very disappointed.   If you are looking for something basic and cookie cutter this is great, otherwise you will be highly disappointed.


    You can add a link, but cannot add a custom link without it opening in a new window.  Easy option that is not available.


    You are required to have a home page, visitors navigate to your home page and then to your store.  Unable to delete home page.


    I would advise to do your research.  I thought I did, but looks like it was not enough.

    I just spoke with GoDaddy Last night complaining about the tax breakdown as wyoming has the same type of rules and need to be able to apply tax by zip code within wyoming.  They said they are working on it as they have had lots of people having the same issue.  However they could not give me any timeframe and tried to push me to wordpress.  Has anyone switched hosting to someone other than godaddy and had good results with the tax by zip code?

    I just moved from Weebly in early December, because of some severely limiting design flaws. At first, Godaddy seemed like the best option and was recommended by a customer. However, I just noticed when doing my paperwork, that it did charge the state tax @4% but completely ignored the county tax, which was an additional 4%. I have no choice but to pay this now, because it's not legal, or ethical for me to go back to my customer and ask for their tax payment. It's complete BS! Weebly did auto calculation based on zip code, and it didn't seem like any of those people knew squat over there. Honestly, the taxes were the one thing that I never had issue with there. Being pushed to WP is not an option, and they will likely piss me off enough to change to someone else if I call for help and they suggest it. Apparently, this is not difficult (if Weebly can do it so seamlessly). Glad I'm on the monthly plan, because I'm dropping this crap if I have to "absorb" another $100 in taxes, just because GD don't want to "complicate" things. I am a very small biz and I cannot afford to "absorb" 2, 3 and 4% tax rates!

    For those who want to charge a specific tax for their nexus state but also need to add county tax, you can just change your standard rate to the rate you want the combined state and county tax to be. THEN you have to set that item to be charged standard tax in the product itself.


    Or, you can create a completely different tax rate, name it, and add it to your taxing options. In the product, you have to set that option as your tax rate.

    I'm not sure how exactly this would help, seeing a how each county has a different tax rate. In my state, they range from 4% all the way to 9%, and can only be charged in the county the person is getting the product shipped to.

    I tried both tax options, but there was nowhere to drill down by the county or city. Also, there are hundreds of counties in Georgia. I'll waste hours and hours entering each county, but how is it going to know that "Sylvester" is in "Worth County" for example, unless I spend even MORE hours drilling down each county's cities?? Even if that were possible, which based on the entire business day I spent trying to set it up; it isn't.

    I was responding to UViaMe2017's original question. What I've outlined should work for that person.


    To DeepSouthArmor: I understand. Yes, we don't have pre-specified county level tax rates in the store. That would be a huge chore to manage yourself, plus they are constantly changing. But if that's required in your state, you would have no option at this time but to input them manually.


    In my state, if I'm shipping within my state from one county to another, I'm just required to charge the sales tax in my state, county, and city, NOT where I'm shipping to. We have more than one tax rate in the same zip code, so going by zip code wouldn't work here. Perhaps that's why we only have to charge where it's shipping from when it's in state.

    I WISH our state was a nexus origin based state, instead of a nexus destination state. That would TRULY be so much easier!!



    Can you please respond and give us an update?  I have been asking literally for YEARS for tax rate to be based on zip code.

    Apparently not. I've just had to "absorb" another $50 in zip code based taxes. I got an all excited email from GD about their newest tools, and in one section boasting of tax categories. It looks the absolute same to me. No change whatsoever to be able to drill down to zip codes; unless I go in and create them all (159 + a couple more/additional codes for certain areas).


    This is utterly shameful, to be honest. The fact that it isn't an option in the first place is bad enough, but then to be completely ignored on such a basic request, while you pay them to basically ignore you, is nonsense. Why is it that more and more companies do this these days? They're improving things like blogs, while their other customers constantly rack up (or "absorb") costs associated with a simple shopping cart code. GD should really be ashamed of themselves.