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    Online Store "Add to Cart" Button

    Hi, I am trying to build an online store using godaddy's ecommerce template. I wanted to know if there is a way to add a "add to cart" button on each product on the products overview page. Rather than have the customer having to click each product and go to its individual products page, I would like them to be able to add multiple products to cart from the products overview page. Is such a feature available? Thank you. 

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    I to have the same question. I have multiple. Mini mobile busniess. Id like each page to that has products or services to be able to have a add to cart button. My problem is that all these other website builders can do it and comes with a easy step opton but godaddy wants to charge me 50 to 2500 to do it. I didnt buy my website builder from a company that makes it look all good and easy. I got it from employees that care more about commission. We paid to have a online store and that what we should have. Not just a one page store.

    Theres no way so they say. What they had me do is copy the catagory link and when u open a tab ull see theres a place to put ur link and then when the tab is clicked on it will then swnd them to the catigory in the store so they can then add to cart. Personally i think its so cheap and a round about not very happy with godaddy at this point but what can you do.