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    Only home page, not article previews show when posting URL to Facebook

    Sit made with Website + Marketing website building.  When attempting to post articles from my site to Facebook (, both the image and the text that are posted on social media are of the homepage ( and not the subpage. The link will go through to the correct page when clicked.


    Looking at the code, the sub-pages oddly carry meta and other coding from the home page...I have tried to update this with proper meta information for individual articles, but FB posts still show the home page preview which does not correspond to the URL cited.


    I can't imagine these difficulties are unique to my site, but haven't found anything in the help pages or forums. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Still a problem: attempting to share article URLs on social media generates wrong preview. Everything defaults to the home page image and text when sharing an article link. My hosting plan is website + marketing. My prior post received no response:


    Godaddy has eliminated its ticket system so there is no follow-through to resolve anything; just a merry-go-round of customer service agents who know nothing about it. After several hours on chat with multiple GoDaddy representatives, they have only cited old articles that don’t address the issue or referenced old items referring to a different version (which still couldn't set og:image) like 


    Removing the first section on the home page, I was able to get it so that social media posts at least display the correct title of the article cited, and in some cases description/summary from meta tags (set under settings/search engine optimization for individual page). Troubleshooting with the Facebook sharing debug tool

    the problem is that the og:image meta property is missing and that there is no way to set it. OG stands for open graphics and is the format used by Facebook and most other social media apps.


    Looking back further on the forums, this issue has a long history of multiple user complaints which have never been resolved. Some posts erroneously marked the matter as “resolved,” claiming that it’s a Facebook issue and that “this is not something that [GoDaddy] can resolve:” (2019) (2020)

    These responses are’s squarely a GoDaddy issue. I’ve done all the Facebook steps...debug...setting site-specific meta tag and an account...clearing difference. The problem is that there is no way to set the tag for individual pages on GoDaddy.


    Older responses were more accurate, if unhelpful: (February 2017)

    “Currently there is no method of manually setting og:image tags within GoCentral. However, this is an item I know our developers are aware of and looking to address within future updates. I'll pass your feedback along for additional notice to them of the interest.”  (2018) (2019)

    "Currently there is no method of manually setting og:image tags within GoCentral. However, this is an item I know GoDaddy developers are aware of and looking to address within future updates. GoDaddy Website Builder automatically adds some OG tags based on the template you use. There is no way to remove/change these."


    So, we have a problem. Being able to post articles to social media with proper previews and images is essential in 2021. But there is no way to do this on GoDaddy. Multiple people have complained about it over the years, and probably countless others have experienced issues without forum posts. Dating back to 2017, it was claimed that Godaddy’s website developers were aware and would presumably integrate this into future updates. Yet more than 4 years later, this basic functionality is still absent, and the quality of advice has gotten worse. Godaddy’s customer service staff and even respondents on the forum know nothing about it, wrongly identifying it as a Facebook issue when it’s a Godaddy issue. At this point, presumably the site’s programmers aren’t working on it either, as there has been no progress in the interface and staff appear totally unaware of this difficulty.


    Unfortunately, given that this is an essential functionality and that no resolution has been forthcoming, I’m left with the dilemma of either accepting a site that simply doesn’t work properly with social media posts - a problem as most of our audience engages through social media - or moving to hosting of almost any one of the other companies which include automatically, or at a minimum allow the user to set it. If there are other credible options to resolve this matter with GoDaddy, please let me know.

    I'm in the same boat... 3 agents later with no solution and then I came across your post. I've even removed Google Analytics in hope that it would solve the problem.

    With each agent, I was given a different answer each time... The last agent told me it was due to selling products on my website... I mentioned that that test page I was trying to share only has pictures of dogs.

    As you said, very essential for social media marketing, but I will be sure to let everyone know that the software doesn't work properly. 



    I can see this was a few days ago... Did you manage to resolve the problem?

    I'm in the same boat - I have looked everywhere for an answer, even tried running through a debugger with no joy.