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    PHP update

    Dear host,


    I’m running a WooCommerce webshop on one of your servers and WooCommerce has recommended PHP version of 5.6. WordPress, the CMS that WooCommerce uses, has also listed this version as the recommended PHP version on their requirements page:


    Can you please let me know if my hosting supports PHP 5.6 or higher and how I can upgrade?


    Looking forward to your reply.

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    Super User I

    Hello @Jordi. We are a Community of GoDaddy users with some GoDaddy employees sprinkled in. For specific questions like your I would contact support and inquire about your server details. Alternatively there is a way to View or change your PHP version from your account dashboard. If your current hosting is not adequate you may have to contact support. Hope that helps?

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    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head


    I want to upgrade my sever linux for 

    ioncube loader 5.6 or php 5.6?


    how should i do?