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    Page length that doesn't affect all pages

    Hello. I have read many threads on changing the page length to get rid of white space but it seems to affect all pages. I have the site map (links to other pages) on the bottom and when I make a change to one page the pages that have more data now have the site map and footer overlaid onto the data making it impossible to read. Is it possible to change the height of each page and move the site map and footer to match the page height but have it only change on the pages needing the change? Hope this makes sense. Here is the site address to see what I'm talking about:


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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    Hi @cstiles, thanks for posting.

    I was able to set an individual page length for each page on my site. I'm not sure why you might not be able to. There might be something on the pages that are forcing it to that length, but I couldn't say what for certain. You may want to try creating a new blank page and seeing what the length for that is and if there is anything that is pre-populated on that page.


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