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    Password Protected Pages for Wesite Builder

    When is GoDaddy going to fix/answer the questions about being able to set up password pages for GoDaddy's Website Builder?? It has been asked many time, and always get "In the future".

    It have been several years now, when is this going to be implemented?????

    I have seen this question before and read some of the answers. Most of them say it can be done, but then they give the explanation and it is got GoDaddy GoCentral which is totally different than GoDaddy Website Builder.

    I have found that GoDaddy Website Builder is better for me and lets me do several things that GoCentral does not.

    So, GoDaddy, when are you going to add this feature to GoDaddy Website Builder??



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    It sounds like you're using Website Builder version 7, which is no longer being sold.    GoCentral is the current offering, which is basically Website Builder version 8.  New features would go to the new program.  Though GoCentral does have members only pages, it's extremely basic.  If this is an important feature for you I'd suggest looking into a different platform, like WordPress.

    Can websites that have been created with WB7 transfer over to WB8 and the new features of WB8 be incorporated into the transferred websites?

    No, they use different methods of layout and their own templates.  So there is not a direct method of conversion.  It's basically a manual migration of copying content from the old website and pasting it into the new website.  Though the newer version is designed to be even more simplified, so if you do need advanced features it would be a good time to transition to another platform like WordPress.

    OK,thanks for that info.

    But does GoCentral (WB8) have page PW protection?


    WordPress, have heard of it. Is this something like GC with GoDaddy? An online web designer? Just have to log in and create the page?


    Is there somewhere I can look at the App/program?




    Test out GoCentral first to see if it would work for your needs.  It starts with a 1 month free trial, which is separate and on a temporary domain so it wouldn't affect your existing site.  Though this is the successor, it's feature set and user interfaces are different than what you're currently using.  It does have a basic password protected page feature where you manually create the members and they would all see the exact same static page.


    WordPress is an open-source solution available at Go Daddy as well with other providers.  You can log in and add/edit pages, but as the app can be extended with plugins there are several page builders to choose from.

    Been playing with GoCentral. It might work.


    How does the password protection work?? I created a secured page. I added my name and email to the members list. I got the email. But the link for the email doesnt work.

    Does the site have to be live to get it to work?? Can I publish the test site if this is the case so I can see it work?



    Yes, you can Publish it to a temporary domain to test it out.

    The link that that PW protected page sent me is not working. Is it because the page is not published?

    @Davet102, yes, you'll need to publish the site to be able to view that password protected page. 



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    Would like to password a page for management only. I prefer the website Build 5 . so no way to create a password in the older version. I would think that would be a common feature'


    John Tanzi