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    Password for Web Editor

    Is there a way to set up a password for someone who is going to being editing my website? Like give someone Admin rights to my website, but ONLY my website.




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    Super User I

    Depends on how your site is implemented...

    If it's a WordPress site, you can create a separate login for them, with their own password.

    If it's a more traditional HTML site where you upload files via FTP, you can create a separate FTP login for them.

    If it's some other system, there is probably an equivalent, you just need to create a login for them. You could also give them your login, but generally it's a good idea to have a separate one for them, just in case you have to disable their access for any reason.

    For WordPress, you need to decide if they need admin rights, or editor -- depends on what they will be doing (editing content vs. working on design/infrastructure).


    The site is done through Go Daddy using their website builder. Not sure how I would set up a separate FTP log in for someone