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    Photos will not display in the order I want them in???

    Someone please help me understand and/or find a fix.  Our website is for our vacation rental in the Disney World area. It's essential for the photos to display in a certain order.  I'm competing with thousands of other homes, I have about 5 seconds to grab their attention before the move on to another villa. I've chatted, called and sent a message via twitter, I get different answers each time.  I was first told the photos only display in random order, then I was told it's a known glitch and "they're working on it", should be fixed within 72 hours... well it's been over 72 hours, now I'm told there is no known glitch, delete and re upload my photos.  I'm sure I'm not the only one that needs photos in a certain order. Please help. Thanks

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    So, I had this issue as well... this is what I was able to do make them stay in order.  Since there is no button to push to make the webpage save your work, it just decides when to do it, you have to put the picture in the spot you want and then click on it to "edit", then push the back arrow to make the page save.  I did this to every picture that I moved.  Make sure you see the page say that content has been saved. Also, I have noticed that when you add them the the gallery you have to click on the pictures in the order that you want them to appear. I hope this works for you.