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    Posting a list of new support articles

    Hi everyone,


    I hope you can help as the online support chat I had with GoDaddy could not .


    All I want to do is add a page on my website where people can read articles that I think are useful/informative etc.


    They are not my articles, I want to add links that people can click onto various sites (news sites etc) so they can read the article.


    The blog section would not accept a non blog URL and the Godaddy person suggested I add a "find out more" button but it's not what I had in mind.


    Any ideas?

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    Helper II

    I used the "Site Content" addition.  It allow you to add six separates squares (or whatever they're called) and you can add all kinds of stuff. 

   Scroll to the bottom.  I'm going to change the "site content" title, but haven't figured out a good one, yet.


    Hope this helps.

    Thank you Amy!!!


    It worked!!!


    Smiley Very Happy

    Oh good.  🙂