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    Problem with the new blog subscription feature

    I really appreciate the inclusion of this feature. I just have one problem and after talking with the customer service numerous times they couldn't resolve it. I want to change the email address which the emails are sent from. How do I do that? I have the correct email address in site settings and email marketing but the emails are being sent from my personal email address. (The only place that I use my personal email is the account settings and I don't want to change that to my business email.)



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    Helper V

    It's been a long time since I set mine up. I seem to recall there was a way to change it. Have you tried the Settings under Marketing?

    I don't know what you mean by "settings under marketing". If you mean settings under email marketing I tried that one, it shows the correct mail address there but mails keep sending from my personal email.

    Tried that, didn't help.

    Former Employee

    Hi @buffoon,


    Sorry for the trouble with the "from" address on your blog update emails.  We've fixed this for you on the backend and added an item to our backlog to correct it for everyone.  We pull the info from your GoDaddy account initially - which is how your personal email address ended up there.  Unfortunately, when you updated it, we didn't log that change on the Blog updates.  It updated the rest of your email marketing "from" address, but not the blog updates.  


    Let me know if you're still seeing the wrong email and we'll look at it again.