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    Programs available using SSH

    I greatly appreciate SSH access to my accounts. 2 command line programs that would be a huge help are:
    1) mc - Midnight Commander, a dual window file manipulation program and
    2) rsync - file transfer of only updated files.
    Please consider allowing access to these 2 programs from the secure shell.
    Thanks very much.

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    Hi @CodeFarmer, thanks for posting.

    You should be able to use any program that connects over an SSH connection. Midnight Commander appears to just be a client, like putty, so you should be able to use it. Rsync wouldn't be an option because it requires an installation on the server, but you could use it if you had a VPS or Dedicated Server.

    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status

    My request is for GoDaddy to allow access to those 2 programs on their end.  I don't know the best way to make my request.  I tried Chat, but the agent on the chat line did not know what SSH was.  I may try a phone call.


    My request for mc on the server is for efficiency.  I can open 2 ftp sessions at GoDaddy using mc which allows me to move large partial directories but the files must make a slow round trip to my remote machine and back.  If I had access to mc on the server, moving many files from one directory to another would be very fast.  It would also be faster for viewing files, creating symlinks, and many other command line tasks.


    RSYNC does backup and restore in a very efficient manner.  It does not have to run as a daemon to be useful.  Running rsync through SSH would provide an excellent way to easily ensure that all my web pages and files were up-to-date and backed up.


    GoDaddy appears to be running my service under CentOS 5.5.  Both of these programs come standard and all that is required is for the permissions to be changed.  If someone knows who I should contact, a reply would be appreciated.

    Hi @CodeFarmer, thanks for following up.
    Server side changes and exceptions to applications/permissions can't be done on a per account basis. If your site requires the level of management these tools provide and a continual need to move large amounts of files, a VPS does sound like a better match for your needs.
    I will pass along your feedback on these options to our hosting team for review.

    Gary - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 Support | Check System Status

    Thanks for your response, Gary.  It is what I expected.  I do have a VPS in experimental mode.  But for the time being, GoDaddy offers a better cost / benefit ratio.  And you are correct that moving a large number of files is not a frequent operation on my end, but I have needed to do it recently (converting to responsive design) and have more in the near future.


    On the Sys Admin end, I know that security is paramount.  But these are well vetted tools and could only operate within the bounds already established by GoDaddy.  I imagine that I am not alone in desiring a bit more functionality, and was hoping that GoDaddy would include these with the binaries already offered via SSH so that all might benefit.


    Thanks for passing my suggestion upstream.


    It would be a very big please to use Midnight Commander with the Business plans. It's a struggle without MC.