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    Quick Shopping Cart design and template



    Our website / ecom site is in need of major overhaul.  We are using the quick shopping cart with NO SUPPORT from godaddy.  They offered to start with a new site but they can't work on our site since its with quick shopping cart.  I know there are ways to create new templates for our existing setup, I just can't find someone who can support or write code for that.  Any help would be appreciated. 

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    Hi @ipconfig,


    Sorry to hear you're unhappy with the Quick Shopping Cart.  You can customize portions of it if you have someone that is familiar with CSS and scripting, however that falls outside of the bounds of where we can assist.  Our Professional Web Design can start a new site from scratch, but currently doesn't offer a rebuild or facelift of current Quick Shopping Cart sites.  It could be possible this gets added down the line, but it's not something we offer right now.


    If you have someone familiar with CSS - the following link may help you with making some visual changes:


    Hope that helps.



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