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    Quick Shopping Cart to Go Central Cart

    I have spent years using the quick shopping cart and would like to entertain the option to migrate my current cart with 500 plus products over. Is there a direct migration path or is this a new build? If this is a new build I will stay with what I have until it gets retired or they design a tool to migrate my cart's contents.

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    Helper V

    @spobThere is not a direct migration path and it's my understanding GD won't be building one. You may want to call cust. svc. to find out about moving your products over using import/export but that may not be possible. Even if it is, many fields will not export correctly and you will have to do major cleanup. Your best bet is if you have all your products in a spreadsheet now and can configure it to a file which is acceptable to the new GoCentral, then you can import them. But again, there will be alot of cleanup. Also, to my knowledge, there is no way to transfer the photos. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I also had the Shopping Cart and determined there were so many issues it would just be easier to start over--so that's what I did.