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    Quirks with Online Store (Random Invoice number and No special instructions option)

    I recently changed from the date "quick shopping cart" to Godaddy's Online Store. While I'm impressed with the function and overall appearance, there are two critical issues I have:


    1) the invoices numbers generated with each order are random. With the old store they were sequential so when I printed them, I could easily identify if i was missing one or had an extra. Recently, this has resulted in several order going unprocessed and at least two order being double-shipped.


    2) The quick shipping cart had an optional space for customers to enter "additional or special instructions". This is not available in the Online Store and as a result customers have been frustrated trying to email special instructions separately and ensure those are associated with their order.


    Is there anything Godaddy can do to correct this?

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    Former Employee

    @radioflyer: Sorry you were not able to find the options where your customers can make special requests. There is an option there for you if you have not yet already found it.

    When you go to your Online Store under general store settings there is an option that says checkout that gives you an add on option of "Allow customers to include special instructions with their order". I have included a screenshot so you can see where that would be


    Hope this helped! Sorry someone did not respond earlier, just saw the question.