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    Re: WP website issue after updating WP version to 4.5 y godaddy

    Hi this is a first time i hv got a issue in my  wp website last night i received a email from go daddy saying we have updated word press version to 4.5 and you don`t need to worry about or you don`t need to do anything like that , since then my products are not displaying and even my banners not visible please suggest thanks 





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    This is usually caused by a plugin that is not compatible with the updated Wordpress and it's more an issue with Wordpress than with your hosting.

    Go through and update your plugins.  Also update your theme.  Reload your site.  If the issue remains...

    Make a list of all the plugins that you have activated.  Deactivate all your plugins.  Check your site.  You'll probably still be missing your products if your products are there because of a plugin but you can at least see if the site is up and running.  Start re-activating your plugins starting with your eCommerce plugin.  If you re-activate your eCommerce plugin and still don't see your products, it's probable that your eCommerce system hasn't caught up to the changes in Wordpress.

    Another option is to edit your wp-config and change wp-debug from false to true.  Your site will probably look pretty ugly for a minute as this allows PHP to display all the errors that are generated when your site loads.  Most of these will be warnings about deprecated WP functions.  The important ones will be marked as either errors or fatal errors.  These messages will give you some indication as to which plugin is failing.

    Feel free to message me if you need to.  I've spent a few hours troubleshooting Wordpress updates.  They can be a pain but the alternative is to leave your site open to hacking and Wordpress has gotten to be so popular the hackers are targeting WP installs more often.  You need to be up to date.

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