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    Re-sync with square

    Well after a lot of work and testing, I have got MOST of the items in the square sync'ed over.  That was the easy part.  Then a lot of editing pictures, copy and paste and everything was looking good, and I started to delete the non-square duplicate items and a few from the square that I though I did not need.  As I decided to change the layout of the square to more match the way my supplier sends the invoices so it will be quick and easy to add to the square, and then once sync'd with GD inventory numbers and prices updated and it was a dream.  Now there is a few that I have on the square that I want back onto the store web.  But they do not re-add.  (Where can I change a setting?? To re-sync a deleted catagory/item from the GD web, but is still in the square??)  Also there are some items in the store that I now have multiple options for, but at first square sync there was only on option.  Now that I have added more options they do not show up as added)  Some items I only have 1 of so I just make a non-square item for it, but there has to be a better way.  Thanks for your time, 

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