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    Replacing the basic newsletter section with a form created via godaddy Email Marketing Tools


    I created this subscription form to make my subscription journey look more professional:


    However, the website builder won't let this publish on my website and instead will force me into the basic newsletter section add-on that only collects the email address from the subscriber with not much to customise in terms of the post-subscriotion journey (validation, confirmation, landing page flexibility etc.).


    There must be a way of embedding godaddy's newsletter form to its own website builder. 

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    Helper VI

    Hi @ranasuzan, welcome to the community! 🙂


    I don't think you can replace the form, since in their guide to change the form, they never mention you replace to a custom form (GoDaddy marketing tools).


    Hope it helps!


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    This is very inconvenient. I can generate a landing page, a verification landing page and a form with a valid URL only to see that I can't use it on my Godaddy e-commerce website. 


    The problem with the basic newsletter content type is that it is not GDPR-friendly. It will simply register whatever email's put in it without triggering further verification process.