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    Requesting update on unsolved requests please: How to rearrange products within categories

    Yes! This is a new post although duplicated in content and request. All the other requests (dating back to more than 3 years ago) related to this particular topic are marked 'Solved' (look at the url!) -- So, assuming that that may be the reason we are not getting any responses or updates from GoDaddy's team of professionals (because I know they care!), I am restating this request as a new post, in the hopes that we will at the very least get an update from GoDaddy.


    I'd like to be able to rearrange the list of PRODUCTS in a manner that suits our needs. At this time, they are arranged in the order the user adds them. We understand that the potential customer or site visitor can arrange by price or A-Z or popularity, etc. While that can be useful, it just is not what are looking for! Why can't the PRODUCTS be rearranged similar to how the CATEGORIES can? Is it in the works? Will it ever be implemented? It would surely be nice to know... 🙂

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    Community Manager

    Hi @pabloz. For the thread in question, the solution appears to have been chosen by the post author. I'm not sure if that feature was removed or if it is something that was available in the previous version of Online Store. The latter seems more likely. However, I've removed the solution since the thread seems to need more information on it. I will get the suggestion over to our product team and hopefully they can reply to address the concern. Thanks. 


    JesseW - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give likes.