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    Review or Feedback Section?

    Does anyone have any ideas about how to create a Reviews or Feedback section?  I would really like for people to be able to post reviews and feedback about my services on my site.  I'm a massage therapist, and reviews and word of mouth is how I get most of my business. I would love for people to be able to post their thoughts about my service.  So far, the only way I can figure to do it is to create and link to a Wordpress Blog.  And that's a hack at best.  Thoughts? Suggestions??

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    Hi @Teejeaux


    Thank you for your post. One idea is to allow visitors to submit reviews to through a contact form/ They would be revived via email, after wards you could copy and paste those to  a "reviews" page on your website.


    Another way to go about this is to connect your website to a Facebook business page and allow the reviews to populate through there

    Connect my site to a Facebook business page


    Eventually I believe there will be customer HTML capabilities in the builder which should allow for more options to complete what you are wanting to do. 


    Hope these ideas help!


    Thanks for the ideas.  What I've done for now is to create a WordPress blog and allow all people to post to the blog page without requiring approvals.  Having to do all the work from contact for really takes away from what I want the site to be about.  I also already have a Facebook group. Thanks for the link. I might see if I can link my site to that as well.  But it would really be nice to have a section for reviews and comments.  

    Hi @Teejeaux


    Thanks for the update. If anything in the future becomes available that will allow this option to be directly applied to GoCentral I will be sure to update this post.


    Best Wishes!