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    Helper V

    SLIDESHOW GLITCH: Captions are missing!

    All of a sudden, the slideshow captions I placed beneath each photo is missing. I checked the "layout" (layout #1) and they are not showing there either. WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR CAPTIONS?!!

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    Community Manager

    Hi @Hopeful,

    Is this still happening with your website? Please let us know how long you noticed this for. Just trying to establish if it was a short glitch or ongoing. Thanks!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.

    @RachelM  Hi, Rachel, Yes, it is still happening. I don't know when it started for sure. I've been done with my home page for awhile so haven't viewed it much. However, what I think is going on is they have inadvertently removed 3 of the layout options for the slideshow. There used to be a layout that had a caption below each photo, there was a layout that had a caption on top of the photos across the bottom, and a layout with thumbnails of the other photos not displaying at the time. Those 3 layouts have gone missing. I think it happened when they added a new layout, which I see they have done, which shows medium sized images of all the photos in addition to a large slideshow photo. Hope that helps. Thanks for looking into it!

    Community Manager

    Thanks for the additional info @Hopeful! I'll have the team check it out. 


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
    Product Team

    Hi @Hopeful


    I'm the Product Manager for this feature, and we looked into your question. Thanks for taking time to report this. Your thumbnails may be turned off, which would explain why the layouts look different. However we are not sure why the captions disappeared. We were unable to reproduce the issue.  To add the captions back, go to the "Photo Gallery" section and click on each of the "Gallery images" you want to caption.  That will take you to the Editor view to add back the caption text.  If you need the text you had used, we can pull it for you using your data backups.  Note: you can restore your website to one of your previous versions using the Home > Settings > Site History feature.  However, I'd suggest you just add back the captions for this issue, so that you don't lose any other changes you have made over different versions. Hope this helps! Christine

    @ChristineL @RachelM Thank you, Christine, for this information. It was helpful on two fronts! I hadn't realized or remembered that the thumbnails had to be turned on or off. I designed this page so long ago if that setting WAS there at the time, it must have been ON because I recall seeing all the thumbnail layout options, too, and I wasn't seeing them now. That WAS the issue with that, so that may help others as well.


    My other issue with the captions disappearing seems to be my fault. (I say this with my tail between my legs.) I had forgotten the other day that I downsized all my slideshow pics (along with many others) to a smaller DPI. Apparently, when I did so, it removed my captions. I didn't realize my wording would be removed just because the photo was being replaced. I have to say, I personally don't like that idea because every time you replace a photo you would have to redo the caption. Many times it take several tries to get the photos right. As time goes on, I plan to keep the same captions and use different photos, so this will mean  unnecessarily having to copy and paste all of captions again from elsewhere. I guess for now, unless/until GD considers changing this, people just need to be aware this will happen, so unlike me, they won't lose all their wording.


    Thank you for looking into this. I really appreciate it. And thank you for mentioning that we should not restore an older version without considering what else may revert back to the old version. This wasn't an option for me as so many updates have been made since.