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    Scheduling issue with custom Additional questions

    Custom additional questions are not showing up in my administrative view.


    I have been using the Websites + Marketing Website product and I find it excellent for quickly getting my Website off the ground.  However, I am running into problems with the Calendaring feature.  I understand that this was setup as a basic interactive scheduling function, but there are some issues that I need to work through.


    I have created some additional questions for my clients to answer when booking an appointment online.  (questions were added via Settings —> Booking Info —> Collect Information).  I can see this information when I view the client’s booking, however if I try to Edit that booking, the additional questions are not presented on that screen.


    Also, if I try to manually create a booking for a client (that may have phoned in), I am not presented with those additional questions in my administrative view 

     (Appointments —> Calendar —>Add Booking).


    Related but may be a different request/suggestion. - can we make those fields editable if I try to Edit a Booking?


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