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    Security seems breached on my site

    Today I discovered the video book trailer I added (though a link to my YouTube site) into my website was changed to an unrelated video about nature photography. As I am certain I had no hand in this, it is is very concerning. It means someone highjacked the way to get into and change my site. I thought GoDaddy Website + Marketing was very secure. I changed it back to the correct book trailer (mine!) but now I'm concerned about the integrity of my and all sites on this platform.

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    Once a video plays, the next video or a screen showing other video options may display.  Could that be what happened?


    I don't know why someone would hi-jack or hack a website to put up a nature video.  Usually when that level of effort is put in it's for nefarious reasons.  😉


    One thing for sure, whenever you have security concerns, be sure to immediately change your password.


    Hacking happens all the time.  And it is something to be concerned about -- but there are no fail-safes.  So all you can do is what is in your control to control.  One of which is having crazy long and complicated passwords to your accounts. 😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    No, the setting does NOT go on to the next video. Now I keep checking for this not happening again daily. The other video, BTW, was a promotion for a photographer and his services



    Hmmm... well, glad that hasn't happened again!  It's just that when sites are hacked it's to produce more results that just adding a video.  Be sure to change your passwords too, okay?  😉


    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    "Be sure to change your passwords too, okay?"

    Yes, of course. Already done👍

    I can't click on "accept the solution," though, as we don't know what occurred. If anyone has a better idea why this happened, I would like to know. I do hope it isn't common