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    Seeking lots of help, one thing at a time (=

    Hi everyone,
    I'm working with GoDaddy's Business Website Builder. This post will have a lot of questions as time passes, but I'll start with just one! (=

    I'd like my site to look good on all devices (if possible) and I'm having trouble in regards to the size of my page. I set a background image and posted a few things such as text and navigation on my site, and I think it looks great on the laptop, but my galaxy s5 is showing only a portion of the page while cutting off some of the text and images. Additionally, the background image I uploaded does not show on the cell phone, instead, it shows only colored backgrounds that are offered by the WSB. So for now, how can I make the mobile version show the background image I have that you can see on the laptop and what do I need to do to fix the mobile version from cutting off some of the text and images?


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    Helper V

    I have seen many thousands of questions in other forums. When there are many questions in a forum the only ones I look at are the ones with subjects that I think I might be able to help with.


    For that reason and for the benefit of everyone else that might be seeking help with the same problems as you, it really helps to post just one question at a time. If you ask another question here then fewer people will see it.


    Is the plan for a Personal site or a Business site? See Website Builder | Create Your Own Website in Minutes GoDaddy; you will need a business plan to get the mobile support.


    The articles GoDaddy Website Builder Review | Top 8 Things To Know About Them and GoDaddy Website Builder Review & Rating | indicate that mobile support is not as good as it could be.