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    Serious problem with GoDaddy website IF you plan on imbedding audio with SoundCloud.

    Unfortunately, Go Daddy has made a bad decision to partner with SoundCloud as the exclusive way to embed audio into a website (which for me was critical).  When a GoDaddy customer attempts to embed audio, along with a .jpeg picture describing the audio, SoundCloud adds a very obnoxious orange stripe across the .jpeg which says "listen on Soundcloud", or "listen on device".  This would not be a problem, if it were not for the fact that on IOS devices... the Orange SoundCloud stripe is actually LARGER than the .jpeg, rendering the photo useless.  I complained to SoundCloud and get this attempt to explain their strategy.  Unfortunately, I will must build my sight with someone else aside from GoDaddy because of this unfortunate partnership.  Here is the SoundCloud B.S. response:


    "Thank you for writing in. I'll try and clarify our new optimization for embedded players:

    Until recently, embedded players weren't optimized for mobile devices. This means, depending on the device, track, or website, words were sometimes cropped out, buttons too small to be tapped and images shrunk out of sight. Our team redesigned the embedded players with more attention to how it might be used in a mobile setting. The update serves visual and classic players as well as playlists, and gives the track artwork more attention, while ensuring buttons are easily clickable.

    Please note that there is currently no option to bypass our new optimization, we hope you understand. That being said, this message should not impede users from accessing the content you are embedding.

    There should be no problem for users to be able to listen to these tracks by either:

    • hitting 'Play on SoundCloud' which will cause them to be redirected to the app store in order to download the app, an in the case they download it, they would have to come back to your web page and hit 'Play on SoundCloud' again to be redirected to that track directly on the app
    • hitting 'Listen in browser', which would simply redirect to that track directly on the browser

    Do you experience any issues with the tracks not playing or the redirects not happening?

    Should you or your users have any trouble with your embedded player(s), please write back to us with the issue and we will be happy to investigate further


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    Getting Started

    If you are using a WordPress site then you could really use whatever coded, embedded player you want.  I know their website builder is designed for little customization in order to make it easier to use but it sounds like you just want an advanced option that you can either code or get a plugin for on WordPress, which they have a lot of options for.

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