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    Services sign up help

    I am trying to use my website for private class signups.  The classes are in a series (1 hour per week for 8 weeks).  I set this up so participants would click a sign up button and then pay via paypal.  This seemed to work at first but then it seemed (and I may have missed something) that the pay area moved so that someone could pay without signing up (which is the status now).  The first class in the series was on October 3 so that is the date I listed.  My two questions on this are listed below.


    1.   The date of my first class moved to October 8 but I was unable to find out where to change it on my website so the "service" disappeared from my site on October 3.  However the Paypal button is still there.  Is there a way to change the date of the service?

    2.  Is there a way to move the pay pal button so that it is linked to the sign up (without requiring folks to pay when signing up as I want to accept checks too)?

    3.  Now that my classes have started, people should not be able to sign up.  However, because of the location of the Paypal button, they can still pay.  So customers are literally going online today, after the classes started and paying but not signing up.  Do I need to remove the pay online page in order to ensure people can't pay for the class without registering or is there someway to hide the Pay Online page so I can use it in the future. 


    I created all of this in mid September and it seems that things worked fine until some changes were made with Godaddy.  Does anyone have a list of the changes that were made to the appointments, pay online or services that I could look at so I'm familiar with what happened?  I did get confirmation from Godaddy that this recent update resulted in the removal of a button related to sending emails only to certain customers and I wonder if that change caused issues with the services setup all together.  


    Thank you.  

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