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    Still disappointed with online appointment

    After 1 year of trying online appointment with this website builder vnext plus, I’m very disappointed it and I decided to let it go and have to use the 3rd party software to make our online appointment (cuz it has a more powerful features that I needed for my business).

    now, I’ve to downgrade from vnext plus to vnext of this website builder. 


    Reason: this online appointment DID NOT have blocking time features for certain staff at the specific time on the specific date. My business sometimes get overbooked when we were busy and got no free time to go this online setting to change or block since if we made changed. Have to change every single time if the changed were made. 


    Example: staff 1 want to block time from 1pm to 3pm on Monday Aug 19 (only this Monday at the specific time for this staff): if I update this staff availability from 9am-1pm, then 3pm-6pm (skip 1pm-3pm), then online appointment will blocked out this from this Monday and every following Monday at this time. All I want to block is only 1 Monday the 19th (not every  next Monday)——> to avoid this happens, I have to go back to online setting to update again since the changes were made. NOT CONVENIENT AT ALL cuz have to change it back every single time.  

    Other way, if i blocked this time without update staff availability for this Monday the 19th, then it will block out for all other staffs from 1pm - 3pm and customers unable to book online at that time. ——> NO


    Finally,  by blocking time from update staff availability on Monday, the customer still able to book online with other staffs——> but remember have to go back to staff availability setting to change, otherwise it will block this staff for every following Monday at that time. NO FOR ME by this setting.


    i don’t know when this features will be updates (month, year). I already mention this problem long time ago, but still no go, they said they will forward this to development teams to take a look but WHEN and HOW LONG??? 


    I hope someone will take a look at this seriously.  


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    Super User II

    Good suggestion!


    As a workaround if you sync Appointments with one of the 3rd-party calendar apps the employee could create an entry for the time of their shift to indicate they're off that day.

    It is not about the employee off that day. It is about that employee is still busy with the client, or have phone appointment and want to block that time online temporarily, or want to take lunch break. Like you said, using the 3rd party app to sync your calendar——> still not convenient when you are really busy during the rush hour and there’s no time to log in to the 3rd party then sync, too many steps to process.

    All i want is to pop up the online appointment calendar, then block that time on that day for that employee—-> so employee won’t get double book. Then save and go. Thats it. But no way to do it.

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    I just mean like a calendar app on their phone.  It doesn't need to be for the full day, anything they put in there should be blocked out from Appointments.


    Though I am interested in your idea (note: I am a volunteer, not a GoDaddy employee).  If you have a chance walk me thru in an ideal situation what steps to take to manage availability.