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    Store Item products logic

    Here is something I would like to see changed in the store.

    I have a product, the example being a reel of movie film that I have a fixed price per reel to copy to digital format. You can place an order for 1 or for as many reels as you like.  Let's say you have 8 reels of film.  You select the number of reels as 8. Each reel is £16.00 I then have a number of options as to how you want to have your film returned, DVD, USB drive, digital download. You can fit all 8 reels of film onto any of these formats.  The customer selects DVD as his media format.  Super, the customer has 8 reels of film to go onto 1 DVD.  But he can't have that, as the store will insist that he must have 8 DVDs because he has 8 films. I currently have the media storage options as a separate category which they have to pick by going back into the store to choose. Human nature says they proceed straight to check out without selecting the DVD, USB, or download option.  A similar example would be buying shoes, an additional option would be a shoe cleaning kit. If I order three pairs of shoes, do I want three shoe cleaning kits, or one? 

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    I'm wondering how your product is formatted @Andrew8mm? The way I see it is you can make one item that is Reel to DVD digital format and give the options of Up to 8 Reels - 1 DVD, Up to 16 Reels 2 DVDs... then create another product/item Reel to USB digital format and give similar options based on the reels to USB. One item would then represent one digital media option. If you wanted you could just make. One product and include both Reels to DVD and Reels to USB as the options. Does that make any sense?


    Probably best to make it clear in the product description the amount of reels that can fit on the given media. I guess for USB you'd want something like 4 Reels - 1 USB (2gb)8 Reels 1 USB (5gb). Am I understanding your need correctly?


    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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    @rd Thank you for your reply. My website is  The way you describe it means that I get an email, or worse, a confused person who does not make the purchase because he has 6 reels, and not 4 or 8.  I think what you are describing would mean I need to have a category for film, then a whole page of products, 1 x 3-inch reel including DVD,2 x 3-inch reel including DVD, 3 x 3-inch reel including DVD, 4 x 3-inch reel including DVD, 5 x 3-inch reel including DVD, 6 x 3-inch reel including DVD, 1 x 5-inch reel including DVD, 2 x 5-inch reel including DVD, 3 x 5-inch reel including DVD,  4x 5-inch reel including DVD, 5 x 5-inch reel including DVD,  In all three film reel sizes, and all 4 storage mediums.  Just typing that is tedious, if I only went up to the option of sending 6 reels, that's 72 individual products on the page. And when it comes to video I have twice as many types of tape.  It would be so much more practical to choose the film or video format first, then the reel size, and alongside that how many of each, and then next stage pick your format of storage.  Have a look at my order page, and you can see the way it is laid out.  Appreciate your taking the time to respond. 

    So here's the thing @Andrew8mm, you know how much reel can fit on any given media. What I'm thinking is, if three (3) 8mm 7inch reels (as an example) can fit onto one DVD then that's four (4) 8mm 5inch reels and seven (7) 8mm 3inch reels. If someone has two (2) 8mm 3inch reels they need converted that's still one DVD?


    All I'm suggesting is that you sell product is the media. If you let people know in the description how much media fits on any given media they should be able to tell how many DVDs or what size USB and how many they require? 


    I feel like with a robust description you can only list the products as:

    • DVD (4.7GB)
    • USB (4GB)
    • USB (8GB)

    ...and just let them pick what they need. You could probably have a template email that you send when you get questions? Anyway, just a suggestion.



    ...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

    roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head