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    Synching Google Calendar Time

    I've tried all that I can...

    I've checked time zones- not sure what else I can do...

    The times on my Google Calendar are correct, time zone correct.

    The time zone on my site is correct.

    BUT the times display 6 hours later than they should on the site.

    Any help?



    Hi, @Philruff you said you refreshed, but you need to republish. Login to your GoDaddy account, click to Edit your website, then in the top right corner is the Publish button. Click that. Then refresh your published page and see if the calendar is fixed. Let me know.

    View solution in original post

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    I am having the same issue and desperately trying to get a resolution. Any input on resolving this would be most helpful

    After two hours with tech support I have an answer- and you’re not going to like it.

    It’s a known bug with no eta for being fixed. She said really all I can do is start over with another build. Doing Wordpress.

    Ouch! another whole site build or just calendar? Wordpress?

    They refunded my go central purchase and gave me wordpress for even less money!!


    I believe I ran into the same problem. I posted here: My issue


    I feel like I need to start over also, given the gravity of this bug and absolutely no commitment from godaddy that they are even taking it seriously. However, I have so much time invested so far.


    I am going to move all my events by 5 hours so they will be displayed own workaround, but godaddy refuses to let me know if this will even address the problem. Of course, this is extra painful because my customers will go through another roller coaster when the problem is fixed...


    It is very frustrating that godaddy absolutely refuses to give us a timeframe to fix it. godaddy refuses to let us know when the fix hits the platform, so we get to find it randomly someday.


    Problems happen, and real partners show their strength by how they react. Godaddy is NOT being a good partner by how they are reacting by telling me it will be fixed sometime between next week and 6 months or more, and not giving a workaround, and not allowing customers to escalate, etc. Godaddy is reacting very badly and losing my trust and confidence.


    Very frustrated with Godaddy right now..



    i believe i am seeing the same issue, and also spent several hours with godaddy support. same answer.

    that said, i have tested a workaround i developed. see post with title ‘Showstopper Bug In Go Central Calendar View Effects Platform - No Idea When Fix Is Coming’ for more details.

    I am having the exact same issue. Even more frustrating is that the time zone shows up correctly in my preview screen and then when I publish it it gets all messed up. They definitely need to address this issue because it's not the first time they've had problems with the calendar function. Previously, whenever my Google events show up on the site, all of the hyperlinks are messed up and some of the events are duplicated even though that's not the way they are on the original calendar. So frustrating!

    Interesting. I believe our symptoms are slightly different. I am seeing the same view of 'UTC' hours in both preview and the final published site. Now that I time-shifted all the events to UTC time (subtracted 5 hours from start time), I am seeing still seeing consistency across preview and final published views. 


    GoDaddy testing needs to improve to find such basic functionality issues.


    +1 to 'so frustrating!'


    GoDaddy, why are you so silent?

    Hi, I am a product manager for GoDaddy and I am reading all your comments right now. I sincerely apologize you are experiencing this problem, and I know how bad it is to have the wrong times on your calendar.  I promise you we will get to the bottom of it. Can you post a link to your site so we can check out the calendar timezone settings?






    Thank you so much for getting involved on this issue!!!


    Here is the public website calendar link:


    Here is the public address to the backing google calendar in ical format:


    Public URL:


    As you can see, the google calendar view and the go central view are different by 5 hours. Need them to be the same and then I can undo the workaround I put in to reduce all events by 5 hours.


    Please contact me directly if you need further clarifications:






    Thanks, Phil.  This is helpful and we are troubleshooting as I type this.

    I was running into the same issue.  I am a new customer on a trial.   Please let me know when it is fixed or it it can be as we need to decide what to do before the trial is up.


    Cheryl McQ

    HI Rachel B!


    I am just checking in on the status of this. As you can see in this thread, many others are running into the same problem.



    Hi Rachel,

    Is this issue going to be escalated to get resolved?

    Rachel.....can you tell me this is still not resolved?  The previous posts were from April.  I can't understand why this is such a challenge.  If there are refunds or other options/alternatives I'd certainly appreciate knowing about them.

    Has been fixed since April. If you are having an issue, it must be a different root cause.


    Have you republished your website since April 24? Even if you have not made a change, a republish is required to realize the fix for this specific issue.


    Hope this helps!



    I think this problem is happening again. Mine was fine and working a few days ago, but now m times are off by many hours (showing events starting at 3am that start at 10am...)


    I have republished many times (as I am just completing the last steps and each mod requires a repub.


    Any word if they rolled back the fix by mistake?!?


    Hi @kmowat22 Is this still happening (off by multiple hours)?  We fixed the issue of off by one hour.  

    Hi Christine - my problem wasn't this (and it seemed to fix itself the next day)... oddly my times were showing up way off - ie: a 11am event was saying 2am and things like that... probably GMT or something like that.... anyways, it hasn't happen since I re-published a few times the next day.



    OK good - sorry that it happened! Christine