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    Helper V

    Template for vertical logo?

    Can anyone recommend a GoCentral template for a vertical logo? Thus far, I'm only seeing samples suited for horizontal logos...

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    Super User I



    Have yet to discover one not only on GoCentral but in general. 😉


    Logos have horizontal orientation due to website layouts generally putting logos on the same horizontal space as the navigation.   Navigation is only so tall so to keep everything symmetrical and use real estate effectively logos spaces are horizontal.


    To go vertical would be to have all that wide open space to the right of the logo that would go unused.


    Not saying there isn't a theme "out there" that accommodates vertical logos and uses the space opened up by them effectively -- I just haven't run into one yet! 😉  Maybe someone else has?



    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin

    I understand that the horizontal style is what it typically designed, that is why I am asking. For those that have a vertical logo, obviously, this doesn't work well. I've have no problem with a vertical logo in the past, as there are other logos or slogans that can be placed on the right in the area you are calling "white space". In fact, I was using a Website Builder template in the past that worked fine. That's why I was hoping someone could recommend a template that can accommodate a logo and a slogan.