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    Text Hyperlink On Home Page

    Dear all,


    Am new to GoDaddy Website Builder.

    I've created a Home Page and at the footer, I've a disclaimer clause relating to privacy policy.

    I've also created the privacy policy page separately as a separate page within GoDaddy Website Builder and not linked to the Home Page.


    My question now is how do I highlight the word "Privacy Policy" and hyperlink to the "Privacy Policy Page" that I have created separately?






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    Hi Andrew!


    Thank you for posting. While we don't have a guide specifically for what you're trying to do, this guide on Style Text is close to what you need. You'd just need to follow those steps and use the hyperlink option in the toolbar to turn your text into a hyperlink. Since you're new to GoCentral, I think you'll find this guide helpful. It has a lot of the guides for GoCentral grouped in one place. 


    Heather - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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