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    Transferring a database

    Hi. I am having issues with getting a new website setup to replace one that has been hacked. I need to keep the old one online while I get the new one up and running. How do I go about uploading the old site's database to the new one? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have tried reaching out to GoDaddy but chat is always offline and there is no way to email support. Thank you for your time.


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    *I am familiar with navigating MySQL... I've just never copied over an already-existing database before. I know the problem resides in linking the copied database with the new site through the config.php file. I'm just unfamiliar with exactly what information I need to replace in the file and where, specifically, to find the Database Password. Thanks!

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    I recently had a similar issue.  My database is rather simple (3 unlinked) tables but I believe it should work for you as well.  I exported the database for my old site as a SQL file to my local system then imported this file to my mySQl site on GoDaddy.  I did need to create an empty database on the new site to import the data to.  Make sure you direct your PHP files to the new mySQL location.