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    Trying to revamp for a more mobile-friendly website, website builder suggestion please

    Hi, I'm working on re-designing a 10 year old personal website.  I used to just code simple HTML by hand but now I'm thinking about maybe buying a real web design app.


    I googled and read some reviews, now I'm debating between Coffeecup's Responsive Designer, Wolf Website Designer and another one called Blocs.  Anyone has experience with these designers?  They all claim to support uploads to Godaddy and are supposed to make mobile-friendly sites.

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    Hi @RobertBM,


    Painful truths, you can't beat Adobe Muse or Dreamweaver. Painful because most don't want to hear this because it costs more.

    For a all-in package along with Adobe stock that's built in, in my opinion it's the best in it's class. If the major objection is cost alone then it's a wrong choice to go with 'supaDupaWebsiteForLongTime' options.

    Secondly if developer sites were not the best, they (developers) wouldn't be paid as well. CMS sites are nearly always invariably much more glitchy and slower. Slow sites really do chase customers away. 

    Great thing about the Adobe suit is that you can code only if you feel like it, and add bits here and there or everywhere... or leave it alone. But they are a **bleep** site better than most CMS, and faster.


    added note, I didn't realise that the singular of damned was a swear word? Sure it's in the old testament lol. See *bleeped* word!!!

    damned if I do,

    damned if I don't!!!! Smiley WinkSmiley Wink

    Thanks for the reply!


    Adobe Muse was one of the first ones I tried.  Maybe I'm not technical enough but there were just a lot of features I couldn't figure out how to use.  We have a max 100 dollar budget, so planning on re-doing our website with a cheaper simpler app.   I'm just testing trials for now and waiting until something goes on sale!