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    USPS flat rate shipping boxes calculation

    we want to list items that may or may not fit into usps flat rate boxes when combined. 

    for example if a person selects 2 items that when out together for shipping will fit into a small flat rate box there is no need to charge a lot for shipping.


    anyone know how to go about this?

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    Shipping formulas are something every store owner struggles with.  Since we don't know what combination of items your customers will buy at any given time it is tough to come up with a one-size fits all type calculation.  


    So what you need to do is determine what will work for you (so you don't lose money) while keeping your customers happy, right?  Customer like thinking they aren't paying full rate for shipping and are now conditioned for free or discounted rates.  Thank the big guys for that!


    I've found over the years the simplest method is to have flat rates -- regardless of size/dimensions/weight. (Settings > Shipping) Easy for you and easy for customers to know what they are paying.


    => Offer a discounted Priority Rate for all orders.

    => Free Priority over a certain order $ amount.


    If you have items that require special sized boxes or need special shipping charges you can then designate that at the product level with "Specify a shipping fee for this item" and override the global shipping methods.  This way you don't lose money on those items that require special charges and handling.


    HTH! 😉




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    I completely agree with @Muse about offering flat rate shipping as it's much easier to manage as an ecommerce seller. I've been selling online for 15 years and found this to be the most effective manner of handling shipping. Hope this helps!



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    Our shipping offers either a flat rate or a calculated rate based on weight.  We selected the flat rate which is good until you have a customer from overseas. Since our fitness DVDs at are advertised on TV for a flat shipping rate in the US, we have to keep the price.  Is there a way to add additional shipping to the flat rate for overseas orders? An option to add so much per country would be VERY helpful. I've had this with other shopping carts.  I do like Godaddy service though.  Been with you for years:)





    In GoCentral all  you have to do is add another Flat Rate option specific to the countries you want to ship to.  Shipping > Add New and then choose the countries it applies to:


    HTH! 😉

    "Good things happen to those who hustle." ~ Anaïs Nin


    As anyone in mail order retail knows, a handling charge is necessary in order to cover overheads directly associated with processing a customer's order.

    When I have USPS Shipping set up in GoCentral Online Store, I don't see an option for adding a handling charge to USPS price. 

    Do you know where this option is? 

    If it does not exist, what workarounds do you use?

    Thank you.

    This is something that I am also interested in.  I was advised to review additional plugins to see if I can find one to add to WooCommerce that will allow me to add a handling fee to every order.  I have tried one plugin so far, but it added the handling fee I wanted to set up as something the customer would have to select during checkout.  Obviously, that's not quite what I want, so I will continue to experiment. 


    Another option I am now going to consider is assigning a flat fee to every product that can be ordered to simplify it for the customer using the site.  However, this won't help deal with situations where the user wants to order multiple products because it would not reduce postage to account for the fact that the products can be combined in a single box for reduced shipping.


    This may not apply to what you are trying to do, but the website I am working on is being built for a business owner who has a brick and mortar location.  In one response to a question I had also posted about shipping calculations, I was advised that the real way for the business to benefit long term is to use the website to drive foot traffic into the brick and mortar location.  It could be dangerous to assume that introducing the website and an online channel for ordering product is going to generate a lot of sales through the online channel.  The shipping piece has turned out to be the most complex piece of everything we're trying to do with the site.

    This is also true for us.  Shipping is OK, but there should be a charge for handling.  Our shipping is almost entirely within the county (not country).  It would be great if the site would provide a handling charge that is a percentage of the order.  That would work for us.  Also, is there a way to set a minimum order cost.  We do have items that are as low as 50 cents.