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    Unable to Download file from a GoDaddy

    i uploaded a zip file to my website and added a downloadable link , but it is failing to download ,
    after some research i found out that there was a limit of 30 mb to downloadable files ,
    well when i first used godaddy service there was no such thing since i was able to upload download any size in zip format . 
    is there any way to change the limit of downloads ? 
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    Helper V



    Hi there,

    I just did this yesterday!! I read yours and thought my goodness this is what I had to do ha 😉 Of course our systems might be different .....

    If you have your own server go into your server under php configuration editor, basic mode clear down on the end.

    If you and I do not have the same setup this post will go to the top of the page hopefully getting more attention ....

    Hope this helps!

    Mrsroadrunner Photography

    I also have this issue. It never use to be a problem as I was always able to right-click on a file on my website and do a save-as and have it download completely. I contacted godaddy and was told it was my problem and they didn't do anything to limit the size of downloads. I call BS ... have tried from multiple PCs and from multiple locations ... all high speed connections ... and files that always downloaded in the past. It has forced me to make a convoluted work around with an ftp account, and a publicly posted password for the ftp account, so my user can these files. Why did godaddy have to make it complicated?


    I'm not sure I understand your suggested fix regarding php but will take a look.


    Any other info on why this capability was changed, would be welcome. I have the godaddy unix server.