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    Updating a Facebook Business page directly from GoCentral

    The old Website Builder tool allowed for the Facebook Business page to be updated (Look at this article:, however I have been searching in the new GoCentral tool for a way to update the Facebook Business page directly from GoDaddy and it is not possible. The ideal is to have GoCentral update the Profile and Cover Pictures.


    Is there any way to do this? Where do I find this option?

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    Former Employee

    Hi @avargas4


    Thank you for your comment and for using GoCentral to manage your social presence! We are working on a new way to update Facebook Page with content from your website or from our cache of stock resources. We don't have a target date yet, but will keep you updated once we have a more concrete schedule. 


    In the meantime, you can keep your Facebook Page fresh with posts from the GoCenrtal dashboard.

    Any update on this?  Do we need to manage our facebook pages separately?


    Thank you!

    Any update on this? I find it extremely cumbersome to update 3 different platforms. I would really like for Go Central to push all updates that take place on the website, to be pushed on to social media sites.



    Hi,  when I try to connect my published site to my existing FB business page it keeps trying to create a new FB page. Not sure what I am doing wrong... any ideas ??  thanks~

    Hi @ccoate408,


    Welcome to the Community! Take a look at these instructions as to how to link to an existing Facebook Business page. If still unable to connect, you may want to include your domain name in a reply here, so others can help you by taking a look at the site. You're also welcome to call our customer support at any time. 



    TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    Supporting you at

    @TLH But can we push updates to our fb page via our website? Like update the
    logo etc.