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    Helper I

    Upgrading from Trial + Specific Product Suggestion

    Hi GoDaddy GoCentral crew,
    One of our GoCentral Business Plus websites will be ending the 30-day trial period next week. Since we're simply continuing from a Business Plus trial account to a Business Plus 3-year pre-paid account that's been purchased -- we don't have to redesign and publish the site, right? We're choosing to extend the trial into it's identical paid-product...so while it makes sense, just wanted to be sure 🙂
    1) We'll be starting on our newest site for another business, an insurance agency, very soon. We won't be selling policies directly on the site, but rather using it primarily for 3 purposes. Please read our intended usage and make a recommendation on what solution(s) would be best to consider: 
    • Landing page to collect lead-data from potential customers on customized entry-field form
    • Private employee login page to access private sub-site with: best practices (videos/articles), payroll deposit info. of commissions, and a unified Google calendar for our brokerage employees
    • Standard customer-facing page seen by carriers we hold contracts with, displaying portfolio of products and vision statement / about us etc.


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    Helper I

    Bump Smiley Very Happy

    It's been a full week today...how can I get some help and support on these products I spent hundreds of dollars on pre-paying years in advance?


    Our Business Plus trial ends in less than 48 hours, how do I activate the Business Plus plan I bought without re-building the entire site.

    Hello? Please help GoDaddy!


    I was sent here by GEM department...really, really need an answer please


    I'm so sorry for the delay - Community is designed to be a place where community members are primarily responding to each other. You are absolutely correct that your existing site will convert from a free trial to a paid site and you will not need to do anything at all on the site itself. 


    Thank you for using GoCentral, and apologies again for the delay - 

    @hgibson THANK YOU!


    Thank you for confirming, everyone we spoke with (over the phone) at GoDaddy told us the entire site would have to be re-designed from scratch. 


    How do I connect the existing website www.birdsnestfurniture.com with our paid-up 3 year GoCentral Business Plus, so the transition is seamless and immediate? 


    Thanks so much!

    Hi again @hgibson (or anyone with GoDaddy who's willing to help on this topic we've been asking about for over a month)


    Received an email last week about our 'temporary' website being deleted. I made a follow-up post a couple weeks ago asking how to follow-through on your solution to connect our 3 year GoCentral plan to our trial temporary site but never heard back. That's the most important thing for us.


    How do we connect our paid GoCentral Business Plus account, to convert our trial GoCentral Business Plus website into a long-term fully-featured permanent site/account!?

    Hey there @FYFBNF! I sent you a private message if you would please get back to me asap to get this solved. 🙂

    Product Team

    @FYFBNF, responding to your second question, regarding which product you should use for your other site: I think, based on your description, that you'll be best-served with a Managed WordPress site. GoCentral can support everything except "payroll deposit info. of commissions" - which I'm assuming will need security and authentication, and some integration with the source data of that feature. If you serve this information on another, existing site (say, a 3rd party vendor site) and you just need to add a link that the employee would click to get to that site and log in to see their payroll deposit info, then GoCentral can handle that. It supports password-protected pages, but does not have the ability to serve personalized data to each user depending on a login at this time.