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    Uploading Gif file formats

    When I upload a .gif file format, it will only load as the first image of the .gif file. I noticed that if you have a store gallery. Then the .gif will work from the web store page. I'm not sure if that is the only custom page that is able to handle the .gif format but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing somthing wrong.



    New page > Image gallery > upload .gif > Publish > View site firefox/chrome/edge > .gif is stationary.


    I'm not sure why .gifs won't work since in the store gallery it does work. If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this issue. It would be appreciated greatly.


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    Hi @WannabeWallaby,


    Is this an animated gif file? Unfortunately GoCentral does not support animated gifs because it can cause your website to load very slowly for your visitors, especially on a mobile device.  Can you share the link to the store that is using the gif correctly so I can see what you are referring to?



    Rachel B.

    This response and "You are too stupid to understand and be trusted" is absolute nonsense.

    Yet another deprecated vNext feature for which we, as customers, are expected to pay more!

    • No animated gifs
    • no slideshow on 'photos' in anything except an image content
    • no embedding of videos
    •  no animated 'highlight on hover' for visual indication to the user

    to name just a few missing essentials.


    Each time I try to do something modern (sic) in vNext, I find it does not exist.

    If I hadn't invested so much time in development, then I would switch right now - and that's' my plan when this lousy "multiply vNext subscription by every website Godaddy hosts" subscription finally expires.

    ... And I doubt if this reply will ever reach the community.

    I agree. Gocentral is for simple silly childish sites. Uh um maybe im in the right place ha ha.