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    V7 - Adding Popup Subscription Box

    I want to add a popup box to my site like this one here:


    I've created the box through MailChimp so it links to my subscriber list, but I can't seem to find a way to add the HTML to a GoDaddy theme. I've tried adding it to the site code in header and body and neither work. I've also tried adding it as an HTML box on the site, but that doesn't allow it to pop up. It just makes it into a permanent box on the background of my page. Any suggestions?

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    Hey @megancurtisnvp,


    Adding pop-ups to a site generally requires more than HTML coding to accomplish. I have heard of some users setting up similar functions through JavaScript coding which is only supported in Site-Wide Code section under the Site Settings of v7 Website Builder plans. 


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    I have done exactly as you said. The script code is inside the head part and i can check that from webpage source. Still, no popup at all.


    Did you find a solution to that problem? I'm having the same issue.





    Web builder does not allow for pop for pop ups on the home page. Sorry.