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    Getting Started

    Web Builder Scheduler - Hiding multiple Staff members

    Hello - I am a newbie trying to get my site going on Web Builder.  I am using the online scheduling feature:  I have multiple staff defined, but I don't want the staff selection option available to my users.......

    When selecting a time slot for service, the default is "any available Staff" which is good, but I don't even want the option for the clients to click on the dropdown to select staff, I want the staff details hidden.  I am OK with the system randomly assigning someone and we will validate/reassign behind the scenes..,..but to simplify things, I don't want the client to have the option to choose.


    Has anyone else had this as an issue? and is there a workaround?

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    Hello @User000 and welcome to the Community!


    I do apologize for the delayed welcome and response. Do you mind sharing your domain for further assistance?


    There is an option to select only one Staff Member when adding or editing a service. This is located next to the Service Location and if only one staff member is selected then the client will not be provided an option to choose a staff member along with no drop down box. 


    Again I do apologize for the delayed response and hope you found this helpful! Have a wonderful rest of your week.

    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!

    Getting Started

    Thank you for the response @SG4101 .  I have tried this but it does not seem to be a fit for my situation.  There is a need for me to define multiple staff in a pool for a given service.  If I select only one staff member, then from a scheduling perspective, once that one person is reserved for a time-slot, that slot will now show as booked although the other staff are available.


    If you or one has any additional thoughts or comments, I would appreciate trying to find a hack for this.



    Hello again @User000 !


    You had mentioned that internally you assign the appointment to a specific employee, you could create a generic name as a Staff Member


    For example, add a Staff Member named "Scheduling"; it is not a real staff member but used to help you provide appointment times without giving the client a drop down box and not assigning all appointments to one person.


    I hope this alternative works for you within the capabilities of your Websites + Marketing site. If you need more control over your site then I would advise reaching out to Support for an account review to look at other options that might be available to you. Please keep in mind that GoDaddy's Guides are working from home during these unprecedented times so you might experience longer hold times.


    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7 via phone or chat!

    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!

    Getting Started

    Thank you @SG4101 .   This is an interest hack to workaround the issue, but it does not fully utilize the capability of individual staff schedules.  Thank you for the comments, but is looks as though the  feature option I am looking for is not part of the Websites and Marketing product.  

    Absolutely, I am sorry that I was not able to fully assist you.


    If you do find that you need more control over your site then I would reach out to GoDaddy Support and ask about a Managed WordPress hosting account. You will have more control of your site with a Managed WordPress but it would require rebuilding the site. The Managed WordPress Wizard helps with building your site. There are paid options to have the Website Design Services team build your new site.


    Again I would only recommend the additional work of building a new site on Managed WordPress if you want more control over your site and enjoy the benefits of managing your site all in one place. I wish I could help a little more but hope I have been a little helpful.


    Enjoy the rest of our weekend!

    GoDaddy Support is available 24/7!