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    Website Builder. Didn't renew. Published website now not able to be seen.

    I am new to the whole website building thing and made a website for my photography business.


    I recently started the free trial of website builder and was liking it for a little while. 


    I opted to not renew as I was satisfied with the website I had built and felt that I wouldn't need to update it for quite a while and would reactivate the service should I need it. 


    I also activated Plesk to see what it was all about. Seems to complicated for me for I didn't bother to mess with it to much. 


    Since I have opted out I can still access the builder until the trial expires...what I can not do is view the website I published any longer. It merely gives me a screen to log into and takes me to Plesk management. 


    So my question is do you need to stay subscribed to the website builder tool to be able to see your website or did  activating Plesk ruin everything for me?


    Really confused here. 


    Thanks in advance for your help!

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    Website Builder has hosting built into it, so rather than paying for a program and a hosting plan, you only pay for the Website Builder. If your Website Builder is up for renewal, I would recommend calling in and speaking to one of our Representatives. They may be able to save your site, or restore it, depending on when it was taken down.


    P.S. You don't need the Plesk plan if you're using Website Builder, so you should talk to the Rep about removing that from your account.

    Thanks for your response. 


    I am also having trouble finding a way to customize elements like moving them around and putting them where I see fit as apposed to being stuck with a layout design. Like dragging and dropping elements. I see tutorial videos with the ability to do so in previous versions of the website builder but these features seem to be missing in the new version?


    Can this be explained as to why that is?

    Hello !!

    Please somebody help me.I have got an email from godaddy....(screenshot below)  they said me to renew (Website Builder Business vNext Renewal ),,,but the question is ,, when i bought a domain through godaddy,,i didn't check any services like website builder...,,so why they emailed me to renew? and told me to remove everything in my site.. I am new here so i dont understand many things,,but this shocked me,,,would you help me plz...


    Click this to see screenshot so that you can reply me very well----->

    Hey @sadik12,


    Since this is a public discussion forum, no one here will have access to the account to review the details of what triggered this notification. If I had to guess (based on some of the images you have linked), it seems like you may have opted to try out our new GoCentral Website Builder which was launched earlier this year and included a free 30 trial. 


    If you weren't planning to use this you shouldn't have to remove anything. If you'd like further clarification, you're welcome to reach out to our live support team via phone or chat so they can help review the account activity and confirm with you. 


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