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    Website Builder Toast UI Image Editor

    Yesterday  with no notice GoDaddy implemented a major change in the  image editing functions  within Website Builder - Toast UI Image Editor is now the only choice to edit images.    While  it has a number of  improved functions, it limits itself to only one  font choice (and I don't even know what the font is).   I have dozens of captioned images  used throughout a 32-page website  where font styles were carefully chosen to match and/or compliment each other, and now those images are forced to  use only one font style if I caption them in Website Builder, which doesn't work well with  the other fonts on the site, all of which are still available through Website Builder 7.    I'm now faced with having to redo graphics on the entire site, something that took weeks to originally create, and/or trying to find/use outside tools to regenerate every image/font combination.     One of  the key fonts I used regularly via Website Builder, Anton, isn't  included as a regular font choice in any of the half-dozen image editing programs I use, and creates another headache adding it into those programs.    While I'm sure some people will find the new Toast Editor more useful,  suddenly deleting a major functionality from  Website Builder with no notice has created yet another nightmare that could/should have been avoided.  

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    This is what I sent to them:
    "What is wrong with you people??? Website editor just keeps getting worse !!!!!! Photo editor was perfect before now it sucks. Asked you guys to fix the glitch in your FORMS and no change. Priorities are really messed up. Product I'm paying for is poor quality. Functionality does not benefit my business and my non profit that I run and operate."
    It's because kids are running the place most likely. They have never operated a business nor do they know what small businesses need.