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    Website Builder Version 6 Map

    This page was unable to display a Google Maps element. Please contact the site administrator. If you are the administrator of this site, please check the JavaScript console or check the following page for troubleshooting:


    "Google Maps API warning: RetiredVersion"


    1) Is Godaddy going to update the Google Map "app" in the Website Builder?

    2) Is an API key required?  If so, how would I get it entered via Website Builder considering I can't change any code?


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    Community Team
    Community Team

    Hello @icebergjtr,  if you're using Website Builder Version 6, the API for Google Maps is using a retired version, and as a result you would not be able to get that functionality working.

    If you are using Website Builder Version 7, the API is updated, so you should not be getting that error.  If that is the case and you are on Version 7, please give our live support team a call so that we can take a deeper look at your site & figure out what's causing that error.  Thank you.  



    So how do I see or choose what version of Website Builder I am using?


    How would I upgrade to Version 7 if I am using Version 6?  I see no version indication under my account, my products or the website dashboard...?

    I'm using Version 7.  I just added a new Google map and have the same issue.  Google added an API Key requirement for any map added to a website after June 22, 2016.  However, Website Tonight doesn't let the user modify the Google map code to add the API Key so all I get is the "Oops! Something went wrong" screen.


    Is Godaddy working on this??  Seems like a pretty big deal since Google map is the ONLY map option in Website Tonight.

    Community Manager

    Hey @BigPat & @icebergjtr, If you're still experiencing this issue, definitely give our support team a call. This is a known issue and our team can provide a workaround for you until we get it fixed. Thanks much!


    RachelM - GoDaddy | Community Manager | 24/7 support available at | Remember to choose a solution and give kudos.
    Getting Started

    I'm having a similar problem. How can I tell which version I'm using? And if it's version 6, how can I update it?

    Hi, I am having the same problem - the map shows up ok when in website builder but not on the live site. Can anyone help?

    Same issue as the others.  This issue was reported back in June 2016 - What is the ETA on getting this resolved?  We shouldn't have to call Customer Service.


    experiencing the same issues ... not able to add the google location service , unable to find which version it is , too ...isnt it an issue to be solved by the team though the query has been raised an year ago ...why should all customers individually call for assistance ? google location service is of prime priority in website hosting ...dint expect this from godaddy 

    Experiencing the same issue and i am not able to see where to add google map location. Can someone please help?