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    Helper II

    Website Builder format changes - website ruined

    Yes, some idiot godaddy developer has decided to change the format of some content blocks in Websitebuilder. Entire website now completely visually ruined.

    Well done...

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    Helper II

    And here is what Godaddy refuses to acknowledge: 


    Live Site:

    Screenshot at Jan 27 17-34-54.png









    No changes at all made by me ... none .. until I signed in and found ...

    Screenshot at Jan 27 17-36-20.png












    Yep, left justified has become right justified.

    And, even worse, the SEO Text is now fully exposed!

    Other Theme Templates have changed too, so it means a full reconstruct of the whole darned set of landing pages.Screenshot at Jan 27 17-44-17.png
















    And three different Godaddy 'support' numpties refuse to admit they've changed anything on the backend - or refund my time - after a total of 3 hours wasted with support.

    I have done $1000's of dollars business with Godaddy, and finally, I've given up on their don't give a **bleep** attitude.

    Time to take the hit and migrate it all to WP with a competent hoster.


    @IR @ChristineL I reported this also. It happened on 1/15/19. Some global settings got changed affecting templates. Every month it is something. All I do is chase my tail correcting the issues they have changed without notifying us. Christine said this would not happen again after the issues that occurred in December. But here we are with more problems. This is really unbelievable. What the **** is going on with you people?