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    Website Builder's Blogs not showing in Google Search


    I am using the Blog page component on my GoDaddy website, but the individual blog articles are not showing up on Google search results. I have done all the SEO steps for the blog page and I have also gone ahead and indexed each individual blog article using the Google Search Console tool. Yet when I search for my exact blog topic and title it does not show up. Only the generic blog page, not the correct individual article, shows up. For example, I type into the Google Search bar Termite Control near Anderson, SC (which is an exact blog article title I have that is indexed and on Google) but the result GoDaddy shows is the entire blog page, not the specific article. So when my potential customer clicks on the link it does not take them to the blog for Termite Control near Anderson, SC it just takes them to the blog page which is a problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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