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    Website Builder v7 is terrible!

    This version 7 is an extreme step back from version 6.

    Doesn't allow any customization!

    This forum allows more customization than website builder!!

    Everything is pre-built to the point where the only thing you can change is the color!


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    Helper I

    Do you have any experience with other website builders. Personally I haven't used "Website Builder"; but i have heard bad things about it.


    I have used other services for people who aren't developers such as Wix and, This website might help you find an alternative that works for you:






    Warm Regards,



    Getting Started

    Having trouble myself...cant seem to find a customization feature. I am kind of wondering why even bother paying for godaddys website builder if there are cheaper, maybe even free options out there that offer more customization. I can honestly say I am not to impressed with the builder. 


    It is often buggy and sometimes elements go missing when adding more content. Just my observations.