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    Website automatic backup is not working now?

    In Godaddy CPanel → Web Applictions → WordPress, I set up " Automatically maintain a daily backup for the past 7 days at My Account backup location". This function worked well in past 10 days, but it didn't work in recent 3 days, and I never changed any settings for that function.


    Could someone tell me why?



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    Hi @Alicelee

    We haven't had other reports of this, I suggest reaching out to our support team so they can make sure there is no issues with your hosting account. 

    KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
    24/7 support available at

    Hi Godaddy Support team,

    The 7 days automatic backup stopped working since I have migrated the Data Center from Asia to North America. I can only see the backup before 18 January 2018 that and now I have to do backup manually which is not good. I have 2 websites running on my Linux deluxe hosting.


    Please resolve this.