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    Website builder blog - is it always going to be so basic.

    The new website builder is great if you need fast edits etc. But the blog is so basic. Actually before basic. All you can do is text and pictures. No videos or embeds of social posts and so on.

    Is it always going to be so basic ?

    Is there a timeline for functionality to be added ?

    Will it ever have the features that are actually a necessity for modern business and exposure.

    The website builder is great but if you want to blog as well then it’s a waist of money if it’s always just going to be the way it is.

    It is pointless adding your RSS feed to it from an external source. I’ve used it and it’s from my WordPress site and opens a new tab and posts my other site.

    If it took the RSS feed and displayed it in a viewer on the site that would suffice then.

    Just need some sort of timeline from godaddy if possible of what the future of it is. Otherwise it’s not for me. But excellent website builder you could build a site in 10 minutes and would look like it cost €1000 and professional.
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    Former Employee

    Hi there,
    Thanks for the message. We’re working furiously to add functionality to the GoCentral blog!
    We’re currently working on things related to making it easier for your blog posts to be found on google as well as allowing your site visitors to sign up to receive blog updates via email.
    Next up we’ll be adding commenting functionality and some social sharing options.
    Embedded social feeds and video are also on the list, along with scheduling a post, archiving, etc. the list is long!
    Sr PM, GoCentral