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    Websites - How do I host one?

    I have already purchased my domain from GoDaddy. 


    I have a friend with web servers already online who will host and manage my page at no cost.  How do I go about instructing Godaddy to point my domain to my friends web servers?


    Thanks for any information in advance!

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    Super User 2020

    Ask your friend for his hosting server's Nameservers.  They typically look something like:





    You then login to your GoDaddy Account > Manage Domains > Click on Your Domain Name


    There you will see Nameservers.  The default GoDaddy DNS are currently in place which will look similar to:




    Change the GoDaddy defaults to what your friend provides.  Once you do that your domain name will beging to pull your new page over the next 24-48 hours -- sometimes sooner, sometimes longer.


    HTH! 😉

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