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    What's New in March 2021


    Check out the full list from the last 6 months or so in the What's New in Websites + Marketing Help Article. Or if you're in Help already, search for "What's New" and you'll find it.


    In the meantime, here are some new things you can do in Websites + Marketing:


    Website editor

    • Change your photo's shape You now have options anytime you add or replace a photo or edit a photo in a section (other than a photo gallery section). Look for the shapes above your photo when you edit or change your image. Make your image horizontal (landscape), vertical (portrait) or a circle.
    • Diverse stock photos better represent your customers We added even more images for a new total of 900+ new diverse images representing people from all backgrounds, ages, abilities, and more. Anytime you’re in your website editor and editing a photo, select Change image. Use the search bar to look for stock photos, and you’ll see more representation in your search results. Or search the word TONL to see the entire collection

    Online store and Marketplaces

    • Change payment and fulfillment statuses separately Usually a customer places an order, pays for it, and then the order is fulfilled, in that order. But life is messy and doesn’t always work the way it should. Now you can change the fulfillment status separate from the payment status, reflecting the way life happens in your store.
    • Manage your orders better on mobile Open your site in the GoDaddy app on iPhone or Android. Use the four squares in the upper right corner to open your Store. The Orders section has a whole new look and feel specifically for mobile, which makes your orders easier to view and manage.


    • Add multiple appointments to the cart We’re pleased to announce this highly-requested feature. Before now, your customers could not book multiple services in one checkout. Now, they can! No action necessary on your part (except making sure you have an online appointments section on your site), but your customers will see the difference when they check out on your site.

    Social Marketing

    • Post directly to Instagram! When you create a post, Instagram is now an option to post in addition to Facebook and Twitter. We are so excited, and we hope you are too.
    Allie P at GoDaddy
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    Any plans to allow email and SMS confirmations and reminders to be customised for appointments? I need to send links to forms to be completed prior to appointment