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    When I sync with Etsy, the listings are changed.

    Hi I just synched Etsy with Marketplace. I keep my stock low so I'm not overwhelmed, my Etsy store is very busy. Overnight, it upped my stock on each item to over 600. It also added a cost for each selection/option and a quantity in stock for each option. Had to go in this morning and fix every listing on Etsy, I'm terrified to click sync again. The listing set-up does not match with Etsy's listing setup, the terms and layout are different. Is there a detailed article on this or can someone help me? I may have to cancel over this and was so excited to use Marketplace. But there's no instruction on how to get things matched up. I REALLY need help. 

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    Hi @DawnGloria ,


    You are 100% right on the need for detailed documentation on this topic.  Synchronization is not as simple as it seems.  And also note, that synchronization is not the same as a simple update.  Most syncs REQUIRE a multitude of settings.   A database concept is "referential integrity".  Ideally, you only want to have data occurring once in the database and "refer" to the data as necessary.  Syncing takes all these table references and parameters and makes updates based on these parameters.  Simple updates are often just uploads/additions to a table with no real consideration for other instances in the db.  


    In your case it sounds like a simple update would be more appropriate than a full sync.  HOWEVER, its the details that make the difference and hence the documentation.  With that said perhaps look into the csv upload/download instead of a full sync.  I really do not know enough about ETSY to tell you that it will work.  Before just switching completely make sure this type of problem is not GoDaddy specific.  I doubt that it is.  Syncing is not simple in most cases, and its an iterative learning process.


    Hope this helps,


    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites
    Getting Started

    The particular thing I'm having trouble with is add-ons and options. It's insisting on quantities for my Etsy options already in place on Etsy, also prices for them. I don't have those on the Etsy listing nor do I want them. I have one set quantity for varying options, all at the same price and only one option has a price difference. GoDaddy is insisting on prices and quantity for every single option. Nor can I just delete the Etsy listing and start fresh. All my history is attached to that one listing with over 10K sales on it and feedback. I cannot delete it on Etsy, it would hurt my shop. 

    Just saw your reply, thank you so much. What would the differences be with a CSV update instead of a full sync, what benefits would be kept and what ones lost? I'm trying to get this settled and moving fairly quickly so it doesn't affect my shop on Etsy much but helps ME, amid also trying to fill orders today. I so appreciate the fast response. Truly appreciate it. 

    I've also noticed an alert saying "ad-ons are not included in marketplace listings." This would mean I cannot have an option that is not based on quantity and cost. In other words it seems I cannot have a customer just choose "white or muslin" fabric without having to state how many are in stock and how much they are. I base my stock on how many orders in general I can complete in a day, not how much I have of each product - because the items are custom and the supplies stocked to make them regardless. Is this type of set up not possible in marketplace?

    Or... is it just that what's called an "option" in an Etsy listing is actually titled an "add-on" in GoDaddy? This is literally the only issue I have. Everything else is absolutely wonderful. 

    I don't really know, but it sounds like you are on the right track.  


    Thanks for bringing up this topic.  Your point about the detailed documentation is spot on!  If an option in one place is an add-on in other that's a huge difference in vocabulary.  Its kinda like translating between GoDaddy and Etsy!


    Please keep this thread going and let us know what you discover.  Your experience is becoming an asset to others!



    Not Just Pretty Sites, Pretty Doggone Smart Sites

    Well, after I changed ALL my listings this morning... the market place must have auto-synched. Because all my listings have updated with huge quantities and reverted options to add-ons via GoDaddy. Sadly I will have to disconnect it as it's making it harder for my Etsy customers to shop. I don't know how much help and info I can provide for others until I have figured it out myself... and that will take a lot of time with no one to advise or help me presently - and with marketplace disconnected. Sorry, not much else I can do. 

    If it helps any, it re-synchs a listing as I sell it on Etsy... but just literally chooses it's own re-stock quantities and options. It's maddening. 

    This would have been helpful. There's no documentation I can find that explains full-synch steps and about clicking that tiny gear. If it's there... I didn't even know what to look for to find it as a new customer. I turned off the price and inventory synch in this settings area, just a different screen. Now that it won't sych live, I can get all the settings situated first. It seems it's set to auto-synch. I really think this ought to be "off" by default and you have to go through the set up first, then turn the synch on manually. Would have saved me SO much stress today. I tried to upload screenshots of this but it spooled for over five minutes. There is a "gear" image and a "trash" image to the right of the connected channel. It has settings that are vital. Is there documentation on this that I missed? 

    Found this... pretty much by accident. However it's not on GoDaddy's site, it's on Sellbrite.